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State & Federal Criminal Defense

Why you need a Lawyer

Criminal charges can lead to serious consequences. Those consequences can include substantial fines, loss of civil rights, loss of parental rights, deportation and/or substantial time in prison. Among many other duties, an attorney's key role is to use their experience and knowledge to protect their clients against these life changing consequences. To put yourself in the best position to fight against these consequences you don't just need any attorney, you need an attorney with years of experience handling criminal cases within that specific court system, knowledge of the laws that apply to your case and the ability to negotiate with the court and prosecution. Finally, hiring an attorney who possesses these attributes isn't enough; that attorney needs to be willing and able to put those attributes to work for you and relentlessly fight for the minimization of those life changing consequences.

Why you want the Law Office of Christopher DeCoste, P.A. 

"Our system assigns defense counsel a different mission, he must be and is interested in preventing the conviction of the innocent, but absent a voluntary plea of guilty, we also insist that he defend his client whether he is innocent or guilty...." United States v. Wade, 388 U.S. 218, 256 (1967).

The Law Office of Christopher DeCoste, P.A. was founded in 2008 on the principle that not only is each and every person innocent until proven guilty, but further that each and every person deserves the right to zealous and ethical representation whether "innocent or guilty." Because of these beliefs, Mr. DeCoste is dedicated towards fighting tirelessly, yet intelligently, on each and every case, for each and every client. Along with the drive to relentlessly fight for his client's rights, Mr. DeCoste possesses experience handling criminal cases in state and federal court, knowledge of the laws and an ability to negotiate with the court and the prosecution. In addition to being founded on that principle, the Law Office of Christopher DeCoste, P.A. was founded by two former Miami-Dade prosecutors. As a prosecutor, Mr. DeCoste gained valuable experience by handling thousands of cases with charges ranging from marijuana possession to murder. With this experience also came a firm grasp of the laws and a comprehensive view and understanding of how and why a case is prosecuted. Moreover, as a defense attorney he routinely, and successfully, utilizes his experience and knowledge to defend clients on charges ranging from misdemeanors to death penalty prosecutions. The Law Office of Christopher DeCoste, P.A. is dedicated towards providing zealous and ethical representation based upon experience and knowledge on each and every case, for each and every client.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

At Law Office of Christopher DeCoste, P.A., your satisfaction is our priority! See for yourself what our clients have to say about working with us.

    "Best Attorney in Florida without a doubt!"
    He was also a great friend to me and was very understanding.
    - Anthony S.
    "He succeeded in accomplishing for me what was the impossible and beyond."
    He slaved diligently even when it was hopeless and we were told the maximum sentence was my only choice.
    - Eric G.
    "Christopher has an influential courtroom presence."
    Christopher DeCoste is an outstanding attorney. I am more than satisfied with his performance.
    - Laura C.
    "Christopher provided superior support and dedication to my case."
    I went through the entire legal experience and all I can say is that anyone would be beyond fortunate beyond blessed.
    - Former Client
    "He's always there when I need him if he can't pick up my call he has a great staff working."
    Christopher Decoste has always been very proficient everything he told me he can do he excuted well and kept his word.
    - M. Deniro